As the research division of Vision Images, we primarily specialize in in-house R&D for our own family office. However, we also provide various services:

HPC Alpha

We develop our HPC Alpha strategy platform in-house. Based on parallel supercomputing technology and an expert system.

Alpha Information Service

Our Alternate alpha information service publishes, on a subscription basis, a market outperforming portfolio.


We offer consultancy and valuation services relative to strategic investment matters and acquisitions.

Project Management

We occasionally manage investment projects or assist in valuation relative to business acquisitions.

Beating the market is not an easy feat. It took a full 24 years of high-tech parallel supercomputing experience, and a decade of intense R&D to build a system, which performs on par with the worlds very best investors.

Thomas LyckCEO, Vision Equity Research

High performance alpha

Based on an innovative expert system foundation and a solid bedrock of classic intelligent investment principles.


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CAGR 32-44 %

Our strategies provide an annual average return in a typical range of 32 to 44 %. This is accomplished using a long term strategy, without leverage, without esoteric financial instruments. Long equities only.

LEGAL: Historical results are not neccesarily an indication of future results. We do not provide individual investment advice or retail level recommendations.

The technology is available for licensing.

~95% of all investments win

We specialize in picking winners.

Mark Twain said tongue-in-cheek: "Buy good quality common stocks that go up. If they don't go up, don't buy them".

Our HPC Alpha strategy sports a winners-to-losers ratio of above 95%.

Being able to pick winners with this degree of certainty has significant implications. It reduces the need for very wide diversification. And allows for high conviction portfolios

Solid bedrock of science

While our methods are leading edge, our investment strategies are based on old-school, fundamental intelligent investing as well as novel 21st century quantitative research

We have advanced the concepts set forth by the classic school of investing, of which Benjamin Graham was the original protagonist, and more than doubled its performance.

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What really makes an expert?. 10.000 hours of experience. Our learning system has put in 1.480.000 CPU hours, and our development team more than 50.000 hours in attaining the pinnacle of investment strategy expertise.

Thomas Lyck

CEO, Vision Equity Research



We offer our assistance in validating long term investment strategies. This evalution can be performed for your own product or fund, or for a product which you contemplate using in the future.

We can also assist with an opinion in acquisition type matters, for instance valuations of existing businesses or assesment of risks inherent in business models. The risk assesments we can carry out given enough data, is in a class of its own, due to our expert system technology.

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Investment strategy evalution

We are experts in fundamental investment strategies.

This makes us uniquely suited to asses various strategies.

In addition to assesments, we are very often able to quantify an investment strategy, with hard numbers, due to our expert systems technology.


When one contemplates a business acquisition, valuation is often approached as a subjective matter. We generally consider valuation to be more of an absolute art form.

We can offer an unbiased and independant evaluation of business value, from the standpoint of a prospective acquirer.

Project management

We do on occasion assume the role of project managers for projects of limited duration.

This may typically involve investment strategies, risk assesments, valuations.

About us


We are a hard working team, specialized in innovation.

The emphasis is on creating value, preferrably by advancing the current state of affairs.

We seek to automate tasks that are not immediately recognized as possible to automate, by pushing the envelope, and as a means of reducing costs and improving the productivity for our clients.

The company

Vision Equity is a division of Vision Images, which comprises of a number of divisions in different fields, ranging from information technology, finance, computer graphics, software development, real estate.

Vision Images is a privately held company founded in 1990, registered under CVR-nr. 14167978.

We are located in Haderslev, Denmark. Our primary area of operation is within the United States and Europe


We are a company that takes great pride in pioneering around the theme of using modern tools to replace human toil and costs. Our track record in this form of innovation is proven for 24 years.

In the early nineties we were a pioneer in bringing computer graphics to TV and motion pictures, replacing manual methods, achieving a worldwide 3rd place in our niche based on sales.

Later we developed the semiautomatic system with which the building instructions for all LEGO products worldwide would be produced using approximately 90% less costs/staff than before.




Inv. strategies





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A decades worth of R&D

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Human hours in strategy development


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